Welcome to The Monarch Centre

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In case you need further information you can call 03 377 5401 or email sast@sast.org.nz





Home of the Sexual Abuse Survivors Trust

Welcome to our website. We hope it will help you along your journey of healing – either as a survivor of sexual abuse or as someone supporting and caring for others who are survivors of sexual abuse.

Our mission statement: to meet the needs of the sexually abused and their families.

The services we provide to achieve this are:

  • SAFECARE 24/7 rape/sexual assault acute  service
  • Counselling (both ACC and non ACC)
  • Parent support for parents (whanau) of children who have been sexually abused
  • Support and advocacy services
  • Facilitated support groups
  • Education groups
  • Community education
  • Resources

We work closely with the network of support agencies both locally and nationally  and will focus on meeting your needs, if not through us, then through the appropriate support agency.

Our services are confidential, respectful and professional.